Decentralized Insurance for the Blockchain Era

Safeinsure is a decentralized insurance marketplace bringing equitable price discovery and global access to insurance policy shoppers worldwide. SafeInsure puts consumer power back in your hands with an honest, accountable, and democratic insurance marketplace on the blockchain.

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Why SafeInsure?


Modular insurance offerings by providers mean paying for just what you need, and not what you don't


Send your personalized insurance requests to thousands of providers on the SafeInsure Network

Safe Data

SafeInsure's ironclad masternode blockchain stores all data making it transparent and leak-proof

Low Cost

Safeinsure's blockchain stores user and insurer data to eliminate fraud, reduce liability, and asses risk, resulting in lower premiums for users

The End of an Era

Long ago, ancient merchant ships trading the seven seas would pool resources together to cover one another if that one of their ships would sink and lose its cargo. This archaic form of insurance is still in effect today, and the vestiges of these old policies are seen everywhere. Best practices protecting against insurance fraud are absent, resulting in artificially high premiums to policy consumers. Claims, payments, and contracts are all still done on paper and by telephone resulting in erroneous information, lost data, and network inefficiencies. These inefficiencies and long settlement times are all passed down to the consumer who pays a higher and higher premium for each mistake.

The introduction of blockchain technology means these remnants of the past can now stay there, and with SafeInsure, the insurance industry can finally evolve. SafeInsure harnesses blockchain technology to create a new digital accountability network for insurance buyers and providers, initiating a new era in which our distributed ledger technology can keep both consumer and provider utterly accountable without the need for an intermediary. With transparency, honesty, and accountability guaranteed by an intermediary-free network, the SafeInsure marketplace can bring competitive price discovery and modular insurance plans to consumers worldwide.

SafeInsure App Process


SafeInsure Main Application

Get your insurance and pay with SINS


SafeInsure Platform - Blockchain Risk Management. Safeinsure is a decentralized insurance marketplace bringing equitable price discovery and global access to insurance policy shoppers worldwide. SafeInsure puts consumer power back in your hands with an honest, accountable, and democratic insurance marketplace on the blockchain.

For now, SINS can be used to pay for your travel insurance. We are struggling to bring more options so you can have a wide range of insurance policies available.
The application being in progress of developing it's possible to get some api errors but we will fix everything in time!

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How the SafeInsure Coin Works

Native Currency

The SafeInsure marketplace has a native currency, the SafeInsure coin (SINS). All transactions made between insurance policy providers and consumers will require SINS. Additionally, insurance-related products and the insurance pools will require SINS. In effect, the only currency accepted within the SafeInsure ecosystem is SINS.


Apart from being used as the primary currency in the SafeInsure ecosystem, SINS is required for operating a masternode to secure the SafeInsure network. Masternode operators get rewards for their work with a return on investment (ROI) commensurate with their collateral.

Coin Specification

Algorithm Quark
Type POS + Masternode
Max coin supply 21,000,000 SINS
Block generation 60 seconds
Difficulty Retargeting Every Block
Decentralized Masternode Network
RPC Port: 39106

Network Status

Last Block
Network (GH/s)
107 / 106 active
Block Reward
8,423,194 SINS

Block Reward

BLock no Reward / block Staking Masternodes
1-21600 0.5 SINS 0.10 SINS (20%) 0.40 SINS (80%)
21601-43200 1 SINS 0.20 SINS (20%) 0.80 SINS (80%)
43201-64800 1.5 SINS 0.30 SINS (20%) 1.20 SINS (80%)
64801-86400 2 SINS 0.40 SINS (20%) 1.60 SINS (80%)
86401-106560 2.5 SINS 0.37 SINS (15%) 2.12 SINS (85%)
106561-129600 3 SINS 0.45 SINS (15%) 2.55 SINS (85%)
129601-151200 3.5 SINS 0.52 SINS (15%) 2.97 SINS (85%)
151201-172800 4 SINS 0.60 SINS (15%) 3.40 SINS (85%)
172801-194400 4.5 SINS 0.45 SINS (10%) 4.05 SINS (90%)
194401-216000 5 SINS 0.50 SINS (10%) 4.50 SINS (90%)
216001-237600 5.5 SINS 0.55 SINS (10%) 4.95 SINS (90%)
237601-259200 6 SINS 0.60 SINS (10%) 5.40 SINS (90%)
259201-280800 6.5 SINS 0.65 SINS (10%) 5.85 SINS (90%)
280801-302400 7 SINS 0.70 SINS (10%) 6.30 SINS (90%)
302401-324000 7.5 SINS 0.75 SINS (10%) 6.75 SINS (90%)
324001-345600 8 SINS 0.8 0SINS (10%) 7.20 SINS (90%)
345601-367200 8.5 SINS 0.85 SINS (10%) 7.65 SINS (90%)
367201-388800 9 SINS 0.90 SINS (10%) 8.10 SINS (90%)
388801-525600 5 SINS 1 SINS (20%) 4 SINS (80%)
Each year the reward will be reduced with 10%


Network and Financial Scope

SafeInsure masternodes are, in essence, decentralized nodes which host a wallet containing a collateralized amount of SINS.

These collateralized nodes perform several tasks including:

  • * Adding privacy layers to transactions
  • * Increasing network transaction speeds
  • * Allowing masternode owners governance rights in the network
  • * Providing a financial incentive for node operators by giving a return on investment (ROI) for transactions validated

SafeInsure masternode operators receive a passive income for accomplishing the work of securing the network. The amount of collateral and masternodes owned determine your ROI.

Financial Role And Passive Income

SafeInsure Masternodes create an extra investment incentive for insurance companies. Using the SINS token they generate from transacting on the SafeInsure Marketplace, they can operate their own masternodes to create a secondary passive source of income.

Running a SafeInsure Masternode to earn a passive income is available to anyone who purchases the amount of SINS collateral necessary.

Currently, the annual return on investment for operating a SafeInsure Masternode coin is:


SafeInsure Coin (SINS) Exchange & Market Data

Price: $0.0004852 (10.43)

24h Low / 24h High
$0.00043887 / $0.00048885
24h Volume
Market Cap

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Coin Distribution

safeinsure coin distribution

The SafeInsure coin distribution event places a premium on research, development, and adoption. These three points are the pillars of SafeInsure's forward-looking approach, buoyed by additional funding for other key areas such as legal counsel, operating costs, and business partnership development. With a balanced coin distribution model, SafeInsure sets the foundation for success.

Our Main Road Map

The SafeInsure roadmap illustrates our projected dates for the delivery of milestones. With every line of code shipped by the tireless SafeInsure development team, we get one step closer to delivering the first global-access decentralized insurance marketplace of its kind.

Q1 2018

Project comes to fruition after years of market and concept research

Development team assembled

Safe Insure Private testnet launch

Q2 2018

Network code optimization

Partnership meetings

More then 17 insurance companies plan to join

Whitepaper draft

Q3 2018

Mainnet launch

Website launch

Social media presence launch

Wallet release

Listing on masternode monitoring and coin statistics sites

Exchange listing

Marketing campaign

Whitepaper release

Q4 2018

SafeInsure Coin network stability

Connecting with business partners

Website updates and improvments

Marketing and awareness campaign

Mainnet upgrades

Code audit

Q1 2019

PR events and promotion

SafeInsure UI preview

Ongoing Bussines Development

SafeInsure system analysis

Q2 2019

SafeInsure UI design

In depth system analysis

Top Industry players discussions

Major PR & Marketing campaign

Q3 2019
Marcus Aurelius

SafeInsure system design

SafeInsure UI update

Q4 2019

SafeInsure start development and research

SINS/USD trading pairs

Frequently asked questions

Blockchain is a distributed ledger used for keeping an ongoing account of data. The blockchain ledger is secured by a network of validators who verify by majority consensus that each transaction is correct, thereby mitigating fraud and ensuring the blockchain remains true.

Safeinsure is a decentralized insurance marketplace bringing equitable price discovery and global access to insurance policy shoppers worldwide. SafeInsure puts consumer power back in your hands with an honest, accountable, and democratic insurance marketplace on the blockchain.

The insurance industry is a what one might call a "dinosaur industry." It relies heavily on antiquated practices that, in other sectors, have been long outdated. Paper trails, misplaced contracts, and fraud are massive problems within the insurance industry and result in higher costs for policy-buyers.

SafeInsure's innovative blockchain ledger system creates a digital accounting mechanism for the insurance industry that guarantees against fraud, making it a thing of the past and significantly reducing costs to consumers.

We have created a SINS wallet that is compliant across all major operating systems. The SINS wallet is user-friendly, intuitive, elegant, and best of all, it is highly secure.

SafeInsure requires masternode operators to secure the network and provide many of the SafeInsure blockchain features. Because of this, masternode operators are entitled to earn a passive income generated by their collateralized SINS tokens held in the masternode. By merely purchasing and holding the 1,000 SINS required for masternode collateral, you can operate your own SafeInsure masternode begin generating passive income without delay.

SINS is the only accepted currency of the SafeInsure marketplace. This means that the many insurance policy providers and users on the platform will need to buy SINS to transact with it. Because of the high amount of transactional activity that will take place between providers and users, a substantial demand will be placed on existing SINS supplies.

Secondly, because SafeInsure is a masternode secured blockchain, SINS will be required as masternode collateral. This effectively removes SINS from the supply as those coins used for masternode collateral are locked into the operator's node. By reducing the supply via masternodes, and placing a high demand on the existing supply via using SINS as SafeInsure's native currency, there are solid fundamentals in place to appreciate the value of SINS.

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